Crystal Visions Fairy Altar Kit


Crystal Visions Fairy Altar Kit
BONUS! Incense Cones

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Crystal Visions Fairy Altar Kit

Crystal Visions Tarot – The popular 78 card deck with booklet, Raider-Wait system, but with uniquie images. With vibrant color schemes and faerie imagery relating to the four seasons and the four elements. Amazing nature theme!
Altar Cloth – purple triquetra reading cloth, celtic symbols 18″x18″ – (triquetra)
Aurora Crystal Ball – 2″ a natural gemstone, clear Aurora rainbow stone, High-vibration, charge yourself by holding in your hand and next to your heart; creates ‘blissful & joyful’ energy. Great for healing, fairy working, & stimulating the higher chakra’s.
Crystal ball stand – silver plated metal stand, 2 3/4″
7 Chakra Moon Stone Pendulum – Moonstone crystal pendulum, 7 chakra beads on the chain.
Fairy Pendant – 1″ add it to your pendulum or wear it as a pendant
Fairy incense bowl – silver metal incense bowl, ‘3’ fairies surrounding edges
Lavender votive candle – natural lavender votive candle, great for healing, high magick & attracting fairies
Lavender Sage smudge bundle – includes 1, 5″ bundle (big size) combines lavender and sage in one bundle

BONUS: Free Gift
Lavender Cone incense – FREE!

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