Pagan Festival Pentacle Altar Kit


Pagan Festival Pentacle Altar Kit

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Pagan Festival Pentacle Altar Kit

INCLUDES: 10 Pieces (7+3 FREE Bonuses!)
Altar Cloth – pentacle, pagan festival style pattern
Altar Bell – silver plated pentacle
Athame – wood handle, 6″
Silver Chalice – silver plated pentacle 4″ tall
Pentacle – natural stone pentacle altar tile, 2 3/4″
Wand – selenite crystal wand 6″ – (never needs charging or clearing and will charge crystals and altar tools!)
Incense box – sun, moon, stars purple 12″ (use with stick & cone incense)
BONUS: 3 Free Gifts
1. Pagan Magick incense sticks – use with your magick circle or any magickal working, 20 sticks.
2. White Sage incense sticks – to purify/clear your magick space, 20 sticks.
3. White Sage Wand – bundled white sage wand 3″ (substitution rights reserved based on inventory, I will ask you if you accept any changes.)

Pagan Festival Pentacle Altar Kit celebrates the pagan festival style with this beautiful altar cloth and acompanying ritual tools that could easily be found at the pagan shops in Glastonbury UK.

Complete Kit, Ready-To-Use, Out-Of-The-Box! Set it up, add candles and crystals and you are ready for ritual.

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Dimensions 12 x 7 x 7 in


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