Reiki Lightworker Kit


Reiki Lightworker Kit
BONUS! Brass Bell

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Reiki Lightworker Kit

BOOK – ‘Book of Chakra Healing’ by Liz Simpson. ($16.95 retail +S&H)
Lotus Chakra Altar Cloth – 36×36″
7 Votive Chakra Candles – each 7 chakra colors in the natural fragrances
7 Chakra Incense package – you get 7 packages; each package has 5 sticks = 35 sticks in all
7 Chakra Healing Wand – Quartz Crystal shere & point, and 7 chakra stones
Healing Rose Quartz LOT – 7-9 pieces, 1/3 lb rough cut for strong healing
Om Wooden Ash Catcher – Randomly chosen. 10″ x 1 3/8″

Ready-To-Use, Out-Of-The-Box!
Just like all my altar kit this is ready to begin reiki healing right out of the box. It comes with crystals, your reiki healing wand, chakra incense, om incense ash catcher, reiki healing book (for learning and developing skill of any light worker), 7 chakra candles and the beautiful chakra altar cloth to hold all your working tools.

For any phase of light worker experience.

FREE Brass Bell with this kit. (randomly chosen)

Begin your light working carreer & journey TODAY!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 7 x 7 in


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