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By Celestialpetals (Owner/Creator) 
Magick Supply was created from my own experience shopping online for a new magick altar kit for my own ritual needs.  I could not find an altar kit that offered all the tools I needed for a basic ritual in one kit.  I found myself with saved carts on multiple websites with the products I wanted, meaning I would have to pay multiple shipping prices for the items I wanted & needed.  Frustrated with the experience & the cost, I created my business a few months later so others wouldn’t have the same experience & cost’s when they were shopping for altar kits & magickal products.

Magick Supply Altar Kits

Magick Supply Altar Kits are complete, ready-to-use, out-of-the-box!  You get all the tools needed for wiccan or celtic ritual & 3 free gifts (altar oil & 2 incense packages) so you can do a full ritual as soon as you get your kit!  In addition to the 3 free gifts you also pay only ONE Shipping price since you get everything here on one website.  ALSO, I create coupons for magick supplies & altar kits all the time so you can save even more by shopping here on Magick Supply.com!

Magick Supply has been delivering results since we opened on ebay in 2010. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Celestialpetals has over 5 years of experience in offering Mystical & Magickal Products and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


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