Green Man Triquetra Altar Kit


Green Man Triquetra Altar Kit

Triquetra tile, cauldron with screen, bell, folding boline, ash wand, green man chalice, green man altar  cloth.


Green Man Triquetra Altar Kit

Green Man Triquetra Altar Kit – Complete Ritual Kit – Set it up, add candles and crystals and you are ready for ritual.

Altar Bell – brass harmony bell, 4″ bell, 5″ rope=(9″)
Altar Cloth – green man symbol 24×24″
Athame – folding boline, wood handle, collector piece 6″
Chalice – green man resin & stainless steel 3 1/2″ tall
Cauldron – black intricate old world design 3″
Pentacle – natural stone triquetra altar tile 2 3/4″
Wand – ash wand, 6″
Charcoal – 1 roll 33mm; 10 disks

BONUS: 3 Free Gifts
1. Altar Oil – to charge/consecrate your magick tools, 15ml
2. Sage incense sticks – to purify/clear your magick space, 20 sticks
3. Pagan Magick incense sticks – use with your magick circle or any magickal working, 20 sticks.

“Green Man Triquetra Altar Kit.  The Triquetra & Green man both a symbol of life, death & rebirth as well as the three celtic elements: Water, Earth & Sky.  A high-power symbol of magick & balance in the Universe.   If you are drawn to this symbol, begin working with the Triquetra Altar Kit today.”

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Weight 2.5 lbs


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