Tarot Apokalypsis Cards Set


Tarot Apokalypsis Cards Set

78+1 Card deck ~ Raider-Waite Style

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Tarot Apokalypsis Cards Set

Astonishing art work & intricate jewel type imagery ordane this rich, thick card stock tarot. Accompanied by glossy printed book that displays a full page image of each card along with detailed written meanings. You will get the exact take on the creators intent for each piece of symbolism and its true use in the tarot. Excellent for both beginner & expert, the Tarot Apakalypsis Card Set is a collectable work of art and was sold that way from it’s begining! The creators began this set with a public funding campaign with rewards of signed copies for those that got in early. It’s history, its artwork, its symbolism & authors make this deck a collectable for 2017 or any year!  It also has 79 Cards as opposed to the traditional 78 (22major arcana has +1 & 56 minor arcana).

Packaged with an ornate open ended hard cover case, book & cigar style box to store tarot cards.  Stores well & will keep for ages with the right care!

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by Kim Huggens, Erik C. Dunne
a Lo Scarabeo 2016 publication
Tarot Deck has 79 Cards
Major Arcana: 23 (22+1)
Minor Arcana: 56

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